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Our team is the number one reason for our success. Without the tireless work and innovative ideas we couldn't reach the speed that we have.

BUB V-4 Engine

Denis Manning
Owner, Designer & Builder

Denis owns both BUB Racing and BUB Enterprises and has been after the record for more than 40 years. Denis uses his experience for the overall design and specifically the frame design and steering systems. He built the record breaking Harley-Davidson that Cal Rayborn rode in 1970 and has developed his experiences on the seven streamliners he has built. For his full bio click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Chris Carr

Chris joined the crew in 2006, the year he rode 'Seven' to a new world record. Chris is the 7-time Grand National Champion for Flat Track racing. In between his day job on the dirt track, Chris spends time in the cockpit testing the streamliner over the summer, and makes his trek to the salt flats straight from the Springfield Mile. For more about Chris click here.

BUB V-4 Engine

John Jans
Machining & Carbon Fiber

Owner of Datum Precision, a CNC machine shop, John has been involved with the BUB streamliner project since 1992. He began work on a machining for the first castings of the Sierra Designs/BUB V4 engine. One of the innovators of the design and machining from both Tenacious II & 'Seven', John has machined nearly every component on the 'Seven' Streamliner from the engine and transmission to the suspension. John has also been an instrumental part of the design, development and construction of the carbon fiber monocoque bodywork. . Working with Denis requirements and Joe Harralson's stress analysis he has help create a unique frame structure virtually un-heard of in LSR racing.

To read John's story in his own words click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Joe Harralson
Engine Design & Engineering

Joe has joined the project early on and has used his experience to create the V-4 in 'Seven'. After hearing a speech given by Denis at an SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) meeting, Joe approached Denis with plans for the engine. Over the last 15+ years the engine has evolved to what you see today. Joe is a retired professor from Sacramento State University and has worked for Muculla, Mercury marie and Aerojet. Joe's experience with both production and racing engines has saved a lot of pit falls.
To read more about Joe's background click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Richard Farmer
Engine Tuning& Engineering

With over 30 years of constructing and developing engines of all varieties, Richard joined the crew in 1993. Working just around the corner from Datum, Richard saw the castings of the V4 engine and soon began work on the project. After the CNC machining, Richard would finish the parts and assemble the engine. Richard brings experience working on Sprint Cars, winning a number of championships with his various engines. Owner of RPM for over 30 years, Richard now works for BUB Enterprises heading up the dyno and emissions departments and continuing to develop the V4 engines for 'Seven'.
For More of Richard's story click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Jeff Boyle

Jeff became a part of the crew after meeting Denis at a school function for their children in 1994. Denis showed the streamliner project to Jeff and he soon became interested. Jeff runs his own business, Boyle Future Tech, an automotive electronics company, which has provided the background for his development of the electrical wiring on both Tenacious II and 'Seven'. Jeff has been doing motorcycle and automotive electronics before he could drive. A unique wiring project 'Seven has presented many challenges, and his skills have added greatly to the development of the streamliner.
T read a little more on Jeff, Click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Howard Carte
Machining & Data Acquisition

Howard starting working on Tenacious II when he returned to Grass Valley and began working again at Datum Precision. Now the Vice President and partner in the company, Howard has continued to contribute to the team with machine work and working on 'Seven's' onboard data acquisition computer providing valuable information for the development of the streamliner. For a bit more about Howard click here

BUB V-4 Engine

Arch Owens

Arch started with the project 5 years ago when he started working at BUB Enterprises. He assists John with the carbon fiber layout and organizes the parts and materials in the trailer. He's also there to help dissasemble and reassemble the streamliner after each testing/racing session and generally assists wherever he can.

Additional Crew

Eric Manning~ Computers & Photography
Delvene Manning ~ Administration
Bruce Jans~ Videography
Jim Moser~ Graphics
Ken Cooper~ Track Prep
Glenn McDonald
Jack Eskelson
Mike Shattuck

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