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The Frame:     BUB 'Seven' is the first streamliner to have a monococque frame built of carbon fiber. A Buck mold was made first out of foam, then a female mold out of fiberglass to lay the skin in. The shell is constructed of carbon fiber and kevlar with aluminum honeycomb. All components of the chassis combine to give 'Seven' its strength. The shell is the frame with FEA analysis for the rigidity and stress testing.

The shape of 'Seven' is based on that of a Coho Salmon. While watching TV Denis noticed the fluid dynamics of the salmon through water. Knowing that water is more dense than air- Denis figured the shape would work very well at Bonneville. Wind Tunnel testing of Seven at the A2WT proved 'Seven' to have the lowest CoD of any streamliner- 0.09.

Specifications :
Carbon Fiber Monococque Frame
Weight: 1600 lb
Length :
21 ft
Height: 32in

Coefficient of Drag:

Braking System:
3 parachutes ( Hi Speed- Main - Reserve)
 with an SIx Piston PM Brake

Suspension: Datum Machined Front End & Rear

Skids :
Air Actuated

Frame Testing ...
John Jans talks about how to test the frames rigidity .

Carbon Fiber Air box ...
John Jans talks about the new air box.

Inspecting the FEA Wheels ...
The wheel design is don by computer so that the models can be FEA tested to theoretical levels of 400mph.
Inspecting Swing Arm & Frame...
Also done in an FEA program, the swing arm is tested through simulations for strength using load data of the streamliner.

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